"Come To The Table..."

We are dedicated to bringing awareness, validation, and support to those who are suffering in silence. Our passion is to help people who are struggling with and directly affected by sexual addiction. Inspired by our own experiences, we strive to empower others to renew their marriages, reclaim themselves, and come out of the darkness. We help others learn how to nourish and care for themselves again on all levels and reclaim their voices. There is no HOPE in silence.

Come to the Table Conference 2023!

Less than 2 weeks away!

If you are struggling with or suffering from:

Sexual Brokenness
Pornography Addiction
Intimacy Anorexia
Partner Betrayal Trauma
or have been sexually abused

There will be a seat waiting for YOU!!

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We have our own podcast!

You can find the entire episode list on Spotify.

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Princess Warrior Women's Retreat 2023

Men Make Men Sexual Recovery Retreat 2023


We sponsor groups for men, women and couples. Join us online or in-person and connect with others!


As certified life coaches, we can help establish a baseline for spiritual, mental, physical and emotional growth.


From polygraphs to conversations with ministry leaders, we are happy to assist with all aspects of recovery.

Reviews & Testimonials

I couldn'tĀ help but think how the enemy intended to take Tom and Michele down and use it for evil and despair, but instead they have formed a ministry that took that awful time in their lives and turn it into something beautiful and redeeming to not only help themselves, but so many others who otherwise would not be in a healing journey that they're in today. Praise God and CTM!


Partners and Resources

We’ve partnered with CovenantEyes, a provider of filtering and accountability software. Use our code COMETOTHETABLE to receive your first 30 days for free!