Polygraph Consultation

Navigating the complexities of sexual addiction within a relationship can be challenging. That’s why we offer a comprehensive 90-minute polygraph consultation tailored to couples grappling with these issues. During this session, our experienced professionals provide invaluable guidance to help couples gain a deeper understanding of the polygraph process, set realistic expectations, and explore the range of options available to them. Our goal is to empower couples with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate this journey towards healing and restoration.

Integrity and Discipline Policy Consulting

We understand the importance of upholding sexual integrity and discipline policies within churches. That’s why we offer comprehensive consulting services tailored specifically for churches seeking guidance in this area. Our consulting process involves a series of four 90-minute meetings, conducted either on-site or via video/phone, scheduled every other week over the course of two months. During these sessions, our experienced consultants work closely with pastors and church elders to develop and refine sexual integrity and discipline policies that align with the values and mission of the church. In between meetings, pastors and elders have the opportunity to further discuss and fine-tune the policies on their own, ensuring that they are comprehensive and effective in promoting a culture of integrity and accountability within the church community.