Retreats & Conferences

Men’s Sexual Addiction Recovery Retreat: Step into a space of healing and growth alongside like-minded men. Led by experienced facilitators, this retreat is a sanctuary for meaningful discussions, therapeutic exercises, and personal reflection. Celebrate vulnerability, dismantle shame, and foster healing as we delve into topics like understanding root causes, setting boundaries, rebuilding trust, and cultivating intimacy.

Princess Warriors Gathering: Join fellow Princess Warriors in reclaiming your worth and strength after experiencing sexual betrayal. You are not defined by the actions of others—you are WORTHY! Let your journey towards healing begin or continue this September, becoming a weapon against the enemy. Listen to empowering stories, gather with others walking similar paths, and gain insights from speakers on their healing journeys and next steps in the process. Whether single, divorced, or navigating reconciliation, healing is essential, and you don’t have to walk this path alone.

Come to the Table Conference: A gift to all who attend, this conference offers inspiring speakers and practical advice for Christian living. Dive into discussions and connect with others navigating addiction and sexual brokenness from across the country. Join us in seeking help, finding support, and embarking on a journey of healing and spiritual growth.

Prior Events

Men Make Men 2021

Princess Warriors Retreat 2021

Speakers Melody, Traci, and Beth join Michelle for a weekend retreat for Princess Warriors who are striving to thrive and survive from the sexual betrayal.

Come to the Table Conference 2020

Tray and Melody Lovvorn join us for a great conference talking through topics like betrayal, raising children and family safety for couples in recovery.