Princess Warrior Retreat

Sandy Cove

North East, MD

September 22-24



Join other Princess Warriors who are surviving and thriving from the sexual betrayal of the one who swore to protect you. You are not defined by his decisions, you are WORTHY! You are worth more today, walking this journey out, than before you knew of the betrayal!
God is restoring women and marriages all over the world.
Let your healing journey begin and/or continue in September and be a weapon against the enemy!
Listen to the stories of other women walking similar journeys, gather together and hear wonderful speakers talking about their healing journey and next steps in the process!
No matter the outcome of your journey, whether single, divorced or walking thru reconciliation, you need healing. You too, cannot walk this journey alone!

Dr. Jake Porter invites all you wonderful ladies to the 3rd Annual Princess Warrior Retreat September 22nd – 24th at Sandy Cove Resort in Northeast MD! You won’t want to miss it

And Ladies, remember, you can come a day early, stay a day later or do both to extend your stay with the wonderful ladies and friends at the beautiful Sandy Cove Resort along the Chesapeake Bay! Simply click 1 of the 3 add-on buttons when you purchase your ticket!