sexual addiction recovery retreat

October 25-27 2024

Camp Wabanna
Edgewater, MD

About Our Sex Addiction Recovery Retreat

Welcome to the Men’s Sexual Addiction Recovery Retreat, where healing and growth await. Join us as we gather with like-minded men to confront past struggles and envision a brighter future. Led by experienced facilitators, our retreat provides a safe space for meaningful discussions, therapeutic exercises, and reflection. Together, we celebrate vulnerability, dismantle shame, and foster healing. Explore topics such as understanding root causes, setting boundaries, rebuilding trust, and cultivating intimacy. Registration for our 2024 retreat is open, priced at $275 per person. Take this step towards reclaiming your life and inspiring others. Join us and discover the power of redemption and transformation.

Guest Speaker-Mark Denison

Reflect on Mark Denison’s powerful message from There’s Still Hope Ministry, inviting men to last year’s 5th Annual Men Make Men Sexual Recovery Retreat. His words offer wisdom and encouragement for those seeking transformation. Unsure about joining? Watch Mark’s message. If it resonates, take the next step and register. Let’s embark on this journey of recovery, growth, and renewal together.


Meet Our Speakers

Jake Porter


I started Daring Ventures to share with others what I had found in my own journey. My passion is to see people free and flourishing.
My own story has culminated, at least to this point, in the creation of a counseling practice with a laser-like focus on offering clinical excellence with authentic care. I have been on the other side of the therapy office, many times. I know the relief and hope that can be experienced when you find a place that is safe to be known, to yourself and to others.
Mark Denison
Dr. Mark Dennison
Married to Beth since 1983, Mark was a church planter and senior pastor for three churches, over 31 years. He was a university board chairman (three times), NBA chaplain, and has authored 12 books. His degrees include a Doctor of Ministry, Masters of Divinity, and Masters in Recovery. Mark is a certified PSAP and is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. He is also a regular contributor to C3 Global Network. In late 2017, Mark and Beth launched There’s Still Hope. Each week, Mark works with individual clients, leads seven Freedom Groups, and leads several Couples Groups along with Beth, his wife.

Hear from Robert Dorband

Still unsure if you’re ready to join us? Robert Dorband extends his invitation to all men for the 5th Annual Men Make Men Sexual Recovery Retreat. Robert’s heartfelt invitation echoes the sentiment of healing and growth that permeates our retreat. His words, filled with understanding and compassion, serve as a beacon for those who may still be hesitant. Join us as we embrace Robert’s invitation and embark on a journey of personal transformation and renewal. Take this opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and discover the support and guidance you need on your path to recovery

Hear from Tom Weaver and Daniel Piper

Comments About Past Retreats


When my wife and I found the retreat online I instantly knew I was destined to attend even though we live in Oklahoma and it would take considerable effort. I usually attend at least one such event each year as part of my recovery but found it near impossible to this year due to COVID. I want to thank Tom, my roomie Cyrus and all those involved for making this possible, especially all the attendees brave enough to stand alongside and continue the fight. I immediately felt the love, acceptance and support of my brothers. Speakers Mark Denison, Rodney Wright and the Ladies panel provided so much valuable insight and nuggets of wisdom I will carry in my daily walk. Regrettably, because of my anniversary I had to leave Saturday afternoon and missed the remainder of the retreat. I'm using this as an "excuse" that I must attend in 2021!


What an experience! Meeting face to face with the guys in my groups was worth the trip alone. Add in the connections made with guys I haven’t met, the fellowship with others in recovery, the speakers, and the Pickle Ball... I will definitely be attending next year!

Mark Denison 2020 Speaker from There's Still Hope

“Men Make Men” was an incredible event! The time with the guys and inspiring stories of recovery made this an incredibly impactful weekend. The love of Jesus and anticipation of hope were felt the second I arrived. I hope to be back next year. I’ll recommend it to my recovery network!


I’ve attended a number of weekend intensives or conferences related to this field of work; few have had the impact that the Men Make Men Sexual Recovery Retreat has. Going into the retreat, I felt like my soul was stretched “too thin” in recovery. I was able to connect with my brothers, my emotions and get some much needed perspective over the course of the weekend. Normally, I would anticipate coming home to experience the “crash” coming off a mountaintop experience. Surprisingly, I felt refreshed and renewed instead! I would highly recommend the experience to anyone who is in recovery for sexual brokenness.

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