Courageous Couples at the Table

Recovery is for Everyone

Recovery is not just a “him” or “her” thing. Recovery in the marriage is a “we” thing. It takes healing on both sides for the marriage to recover.

The power of groups is amazing! Let us know if you are interested in joining us to work on your journey.

Join us most Wednesdays!

Gather with other courageous couples as we meet to preview some of the newest and best videos centered around the work of trust rebuilding and betrayal trauma.  The group is open to invites – we ask that you sign up here to be added to our list.  ZOOM is required to join the call, and due to the size of our audience, we ask that everyone be on MUTE when not speaking to cut down on the noise.  

We have couples that join from all over the world. (no joke!) and there is no cost or commitment to be invited.  We ask that if you find help in the sessions that you tell your friends to sign up as well.  

Please join with an open mind and open heart, but we ask that you do not record or take photos of the sessions as we want to respect everyone’s right to anonymity and privacy. 


Courageous Couples at the Table

Join us for Wednesday video and discussion groups and guest speakers Q&A to spark conversations with other couples around your healing journey!

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