A Covenant To Contend

The Courageous Fight for Healthy Sexuality

There is a battle going on within me. As much as it pains me to admit it, that battlefield is my sexuality. I realize that the outcome of this battle not only holds my life in its hands, but the lives of those I love and care for. I now choose to participate in the battle for Godly character and integrity, not only for my soul, but also for my family, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ and, above all else, Almighty God. 

I am beginning to understand I cannot win this battle by myself. I am coming to see the biblical truth that “we are members of one another.” Therefore, I surrender to His wisdom, turn to the leadership of the Church, and submit myself to the process of the renewing of my mind. 

Things I Can Do:

  • Attend a small group weekly. 
  • God’s values supersede mine; therefore, I will contend to live life on His terms instead of mine or of the culture around me. 
  • Pay close attention to what I look at; what I listen to; what I set my mind on. 
  • Take responsibility for my thoughts and actions. 
  • Verbally describe my feelings. 
  • Make contact with a group member or members at least three times between small group meetings. I

 Can Accept: 

  • Healing is a miraculous process over time. 
  • Healing requires feeling the pain and learning from it. 
  • I am very capable of retreating back into the addictive lifestyle. 
  • A relapse does not stop the healing process, but it will have consequences. 
  • I have become skilled at lying to others and myself. 
  • I do not really live in isolation; my choices do affect others. 
  • My secrecy keeps me in bondage to my sin. 

I Will Commit To: 

  • A willingness to change – and following through with my plans. 
  • Total confidentiality! I discuss only my experiences outside the group. 
  • Rigorous honesty with God, my small group, myself and eventually to my friends and family. 
  • Building my knowledge base (books, CD’s, videos and seminars). 
  • Reading Scripture and praying. 
  • A biblical standard of sexual purity in my life. 
  • A goal of moving toward sobriety that is living God’s way.
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