What is a Freedom Groups?

Our Freedom Groups are for men who are recovering from sex addiction. These groups are similar to sex addicts anonymous and sexaholics anonymous groups. The Freedom Groups use the 12 steps of recovery to enable to you to break free of sexual addiction and give you an actionable recovery plan.

Freedom Groups are working groups. These are different from support groups because most support groups simply “support” you when you relapse or encounter difficulties during your recovery. Working groups help you actively work through the 12 steps, establish accountability measures and live addiction free lives.

Freedom Groups also give you an open, healthy environment to share your story, be encouraged during your struggles and receive crosstalk from other group members.

The Framework

The framework of this group, is it provides a structured approach to addressing sex addiction recovery, a condition characterized by compulsive sexual behaviors and dependency on pornography. By guiding participants through a series of steps, these groups facilitate a journey of self-discovery, reflection, and healing specific to overcoming sex addiction. This group is based on Dr. Doug Weiss’s – 101 Freedom Exercises, Steps to Freedom and The Final Freedom.

Central to the effectiveness of our groups is their emphasis on understanding the root causes of sex addiction. Through introspection and shared experiences, members explore the underlying factors contributing to their struggles with sex addiction, whether they stem from past traumas, societal influences, or psychological factors.

These groups offer a safe space for individuals to confront and address the behaviors that perpetuate their addiction. Members receive support and guidance in identifying harmful patterns, cultivating self-awareness, and developing healthier coping mechanisms.

Freedom Groups equip participants with practical tools and strategies for overcoming their addiction and fostering healthy sexual behaviors. From accountability measures to boundary setting, members learn how to navigate triggers, cultivate self-control, and rebuild trust in their relationships.