For adult men of all ages who are searching for hope, freedom and healing from the pain of sexual immorality, addiction, lust, pornography, intimacy disorders, betrayal and shame. If you are ready to get serious in your journey of sexual sobriety and experience true victory, join a Seven Pillars Group.

I’ve completed the Conquer Series, what’s next?

The Seven Pillars groups actively aim to create a safe environment fostering accountability and healing for individuals grappling with addiction. The workbook actively dismantles denial, fosters understanding of sex addiction, providing a framework for freedom and imparting essential biblical truths.

Furthermore, the Seven Pillars of Freedom Journal reinforces daily commitments to health and self-care, essential for sobriety. Equipped with tools like the Commitment to Change, the devotional , the FASTER Scale, and the Group Check-In, individuals empower themselves in their journey.

In the battle against sexual addiction, millions find themselves ensnared without an apparent escape. Pure Desire responds to desperate pleas for assistance from those who have faltered in their pursuit of sexual purity. Additionally, it addresses the shattered souls of partners bewildered, shamed, and wounded by their spouse’s hidden struggles, providing guidance for the Church to support those seeking aid within its community.

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Mens 7-Pillars

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We understand that the path to recovery from sex addiction can be daunting and filled with challenges.

However, you don’t have to navigate it alone. We are here to walk alongside you every step of the way, offering support, guidance, and understanding throughout your journey to healing and recovery.